Friday, November 5, 2010

Meeting Minutes: Thursday, November 5, 2010

Chicago Kinshasa Fundraiser: The Silver Room- Friends of the Congo
• 8-11pm November 12
• Pending next week

Jane Thatcher CD Release November 20- 9pm

Mariana van Zeller is coming- look her up on --> Vanguard to learn about her!

TUESDAY: LINK Screening- Liberation North Korea
• 7pm- 123 Dumbach
• Email your professors and ask to either talk about it or offer extra credit

Benefit Concert: November 14 Sunday
• 7PM
• Heartland Café
• Proceeds going to Dwon Madiki Partnership
• Flyerign: tomorrow at 3pm meet in front of IC
• If you want to volunteer but can’t come to the meeting next week email me back!
• Posters: next week we’ll organize them to sell!

Monday: Arts and Media meeting at Laura’s appointment
• 6303 North Lakewood
• 7:30pm

Monday night meeting: Aramark worker coming to talk about
• 9pm Dumbach 122

Sunday Conference calls to Dwon Madiki kids
• 11am
• 6423 Glenwood- Devon and Glenwood intersection
• Contact Trish if you want to meet with her to go there

The IC Plunge: December 4
• Permit to jump in water: 1:15-1:20
• Task Groups:
1. Food donations: Claire and Sara
2. Prize donations
3. Beach: Tom
4. Department Outreach: Gaby, Mara and Tyler
5. Club Outreach: Mara and Gaby
6. Greek life Outreach: Laura and Jackie
7. Off campus outreach: Angela, Trish, Jackie
8. Day of photography and film: Teresa, Claire: VIDEO CAMERA
9. Advertising: Madison G, Francis,
10. Press Release: Jackie, Laura, Claire, Angela

E-board: Sunday night- 7pm in Rambler- ANYONE CAN COME TO CONTRIBUTE ABOUT THE PLUNGE!

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