Friday, November 12, 2010

Meeting Minutes: Thursday, November 12, 2010

Skype Call: Sunday at 11pm- 6423 North Glenwood

LINK Screening= SUCCESS!

Benefit Show: Hip Hop for Congo
• The Silver Room off the Blue Line of Damen
• 8pm-11pm
• 1442 North Milwaukee
• Call Caitlin if you want to go with the group: 815-355-5689

INVISIBLE CONFLICTS Benefit Show: 7pm- THIS Sunday night
• Reply if you’d like to help but didn’t sign up!
• $10
• We are selling sweet posters too!

Dwon Madiki Partnership: check it out on YouTube to see the 20 kids we’re jumping into Lake Michigan for

Check this video out about Human Rights Watch recommendation about their recommendation for Obama:

Plunge Poster is ALMOST done—we’ll send it out ASAP

NEXT WEEK: Meeting at 7pm with Free the Slaves Comedy Benefit at 8pm at Heartland Alliance
• $7/person

Monday Night Meeting: 9pm- Dumbach 122
• We’re watching a movie by the journalist who is coming: Mariana van Zeller

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