Sunday, November 29, 2009

The IC Plunge is ONE WEEK Away!

The IC Plunge is only one week away.
That means you only have 7 days to accumulate as many donations as you can!
Make it count!

Check out the events going on this week to raise awareness for our biggest annual fundraiser:

Sunday, Nov. 29 8pm
Meet in Damen Lobby and come prepared to post!

(Every day this week, tape a sign on yourself saying
"Ask me why I'm jumping in the lake on December 5th!")
Monday, Nov. 30
Wear Loyola gear
Tuesday, Dec. 1
Wear a swimsuit (over your clothes, if you prefer)
Wednesday, Dec. 2
Wear your Invisible Conflicts shirt
(buy one on Tuesday at our table in CFSU for $15)
Thursday Dec. 3
Dress like someone in your favorite decade
Friday, Dec. 4
Wear all blue

Tuesday Dec. 1 and Thursday Dec. 4
10am - 3pm in CFSU
Pick up registration packets and treats!
Buy an IC tshirt for $15

Wednesday Dec. 2 and Thursday Dec. 3
11am - 4pm in CFSU
Buy kid-designed cards, IC shirts, necklaces from and photo prints.

Thursday Dec. 2
Damen 236, 8pm

- Go to to download your IC Plunge packet and find more information on the Plunge.
- Go to for a sweet video you can use to promote the Plunge.
- To donate, visit or make out a check to "Fondation Elimu," our fiscal sponsor.

Friday, November 20, 2009


So, Madison G. is a genius, and made this AWESOME video to promote the IC Plunge!

Watch it! And show it to everyone you know to get the word out and get excited for the plunge.


(Click on the video to see it in full screen)

Thursday Meeting Minutes: November 19th

Here are the minutes from last nights meeting:

Announcements/Updates on the Plunge

  • We’ll have a blurb about IC and the plunge on Chicago’s public radio station on December
  • Press kits are all sent out!
  • EMT stuff is good to go. We need snow shovels/spade shovels for the day of. Bring these to the Plunge if you have them!
  • UNICEF group – interested in being involved with the Plunge. If some IC members go to their movie screening on the Tuesday after break at 7pm in Simpson Multipurpose room, we can announce the Plunge.
  • Making a Ugandan hut at the Plunge in Crown Center – the planning people are making progress. We have detailed inventories of some of the huts of families we work with in Uganda which can be used to make the huts realistic.
  • Getting IC Plunge put on plasma screens in campus- the guy in charge of it emailed back.
  • Food – going back to places that haven’t said yes.
    • Oatmeal – we’ll make lots of it for the day of.
    • We have cups, utensils, etc.
    • If anyone wants to bake, go ahead. Let Caitlin know if you can bring something.

      Black world studies, environmental studies, peace studies – emails sent out to these departments.
  • Contacted all organizations on campus. Many have said they will announce it in their groups and will send out packets. Also was announced at sex trafficking event on Tuesday which had a lot of people in attendance.
  • Tunnel of Oppression was cancelled because there was little interest in it by other groups. We were the only group who really showed interest in it, though, so we are on their good side. Will probably be able to get RHA funding. We were also given an opportunity to put an Invisible Conflicts display in Fordham hall.
  • We have bake sale tables from 10-3 in CFSU on Tuesday and Friday the week of the Plunge. Email Michelle is you can bake/work for the table!
  • Permit from the city for permission to do the Plunge– working on it! Waiting for it to be ok’d, but we’re on the right track (it was sent it way ahead of time).
  • Paypal is up and running (encourage people to donate on the website!). Letters for tax deduction are almost ready.
  • SFR form for prizes, printing, etc. will be submitted soon.
  • Madison G. made a sweet video promoting the Plunge.
  • Fair trade gift fair – Dec. 2 and 3. Will sell Dave’s photos, the packs of cards, maybe necklaces, banana leaf pictures, and t-shirts. Need two or three people to sit down and figure out what will be sold, what the prices will be, etc.
  • Possibility - IC Plunge tshirts (that we would pay for ourselves) to wear the day of? Although, we already have tshirts to sell. We’ll decide on it later.

  • Make sure your checks are made out to ELIMU! This point is super important because one page of the press packet said checks should be written out to IC. But CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO ELIMU.

  • Conference call on Saturday to Uganda – talked to Patrick. He was excited, as always. Will get the kids and the board members to write letters of encouragement to us for the Plunge!
    • Updates on DMP – the board is still meeting regularly. One boy in our program was expelled for being caught with a lighter in his room. Our board is working on this problem because the school didn’t do a good job of dealing with the situation. Our board is so helpful – get to the bottom of it. Find out what happened, if he was not happy at that school, etc, instead of just expelling him from the program.
    • Interviews for project manager happening soon.
    • Another call this weekend - 10am Saturday Megan’s apartment. Everyone is welcome.
The Day of the Plunge – Google doc online. We filled it out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sex Trafficking Panel Tomorrow Night!

Registering Invisible Children

"Registering the Worlds Invisible Children"

A birth certificate is a fact of life for many. Yet there are millions of babies born each year who are never registered, depriving them of vital education and health care and leaving them vulnerable to abuse. Plan International has gone some way to reverse this situation, as the BBC's Penny Spiller explains.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thursday Meeting Minutes: November 5th

  • Food donations for the plunge– Caitlin and co. are making progress.
  • Go to Mertz and all of the other dorms to get people involved! Organize floor teams, or just ask people for their spare change. Every dollar makes a difference! 
  • Megan’s mom is going to help with fundraising (Thanks Mrs. Mercer!)
  • Here's a new fundraising idea: get a business or corporation to sponsor you – they can give you a donation and you advertise their logo at the plunge, etc.
  • Can we get student reps from Red Bull at the plunge?
  • Towels from Halas?
  • Get RAs involved! – by involving RA's and the resident hall association we can get extra people and funding for the plunge.
  • Oatmeal at the plunge - cheap, easy, delicious and hot!
Make sure to come to this weeks meeting and help out with pre-plunge planning...ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE 2009 IC PLUNGE!