Monday, November 9, 2009

Thursday Meeting Minutes: November 5th

  • Food donations for the plunge– Caitlin and co. are making progress.
  • Go to Mertz and all of the other dorms to get people involved! Organize floor teams, or just ask people for their spare change. Every dollar makes a difference! 
  • Megan’s mom is going to help with fundraising (Thanks Mrs. Mercer!)
  • Here's a new fundraising idea: get a business or corporation to sponsor you – they can give you a donation and you advertise their logo at the plunge, etc.
  • Can we get student reps from Red Bull at the plunge?
  • Towels from Halas?
  • Get RAs involved! – by involving RA's and the resident hall association we can get extra people and funding for the plunge.
  • Oatmeal at the plunge - cheap, easy, delicious and hot!
Make sure to come to this weeks meeting and help out with pre-plunge planning...ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE 2009 IC PLUNGE!

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