Friday, November 12, 2010


The benefit concert will be this Sunday at Heartland Cafe! All proceeds go to the Dwon Madiki Partnership, which sponsors the education of 20 kids in Uganda. The music starts at 8pm, and there is a great lineup. The four bands are local, talented artists and are excited to support DMP! Come to the show for good music, good people, good time, and a good cause! See you there.

Meeting Minutes: Thursday, November 12, 2010

Skype Call: Sunday at 11pm- 6423 North Glenwood

LINK Screening= SUCCESS!

Benefit Show: Hip Hop for Congo
• The Silver Room off the Blue Line of Damen
• 8pm-11pm
• 1442 North Milwaukee
• Call Caitlin if you want to go with the group: 815-355-5689

INVISIBLE CONFLICTS Benefit Show: 7pm- THIS Sunday night
• Reply if you’d like to help but didn’t sign up!
• $10
• We are selling sweet posters too!

Dwon Madiki Partnership: check it out on YouTube to see the 20 kids we’re jumping into Lake Michigan for

Check this video out about Human Rights Watch recommendation about their recommendation for Obama:

Plunge Poster is ALMOST done—we’ll send it out ASAP

NEXT WEEK: Meeting at 7pm with Free the Slaves Comedy Benefit at 8pm at Heartland Alliance
• $7/person

Monday Night Meeting: 9pm- Dumbach 122
• We’re watching a movie by the journalist who is coming: Mariana van Zeller

Friday, November 5, 2010

Meeting Minutes: Thursday, November 5, 2010

Chicago Kinshasa Fundraiser: The Silver Room- Friends of the Congo
• 8-11pm November 12
• Pending next week

Jane Thatcher CD Release November 20- 9pm

Mariana van Zeller is coming- look her up on --> Vanguard to learn about her!

TUESDAY: LINK Screening- Liberation North Korea
• 7pm- 123 Dumbach
• Email your professors and ask to either talk about it or offer extra credit

Benefit Concert: November 14 Sunday
• 7PM
• Heartland Café
• Proceeds going to Dwon Madiki Partnership
• Flyerign: tomorrow at 3pm meet in front of IC
• If you want to volunteer but can’t come to the meeting next week email me back!
• Posters: next week we’ll organize them to sell!

Monday: Arts and Media meeting at Laura’s appointment
• 6303 North Lakewood
• 7:30pm

Monday night meeting: Aramark worker coming to talk about
• 9pm Dumbach 122

Sunday Conference calls to Dwon Madiki kids
• 11am
• 6423 Glenwood- Devon and Glenwood intersection
• Contact Trish if you want to meet with her to go there

The IC Plunge: December 4
• Permit to jump in water: 1:15-1:20
• Task Groups:
1. Food donations: Claire and Sara
2. Prize donations
3. Beach: Tom
4. Department Outreach: Gaby, Mara and Tyler
5. Club Outreach: Mara and Gaby
6. Greek life Outreach: Laura and Jackie
7. Off campus outreach: Angela, Trish, Jackie
8. Day of photography and film: Teresa, Claire: VIDEO CAMERA
9. Advertising: Madison G, Francis,
10. Press Release: Jackie, Laura, Claire, Angela

E-board: Sunday night- 7pm in Rambler- ANYONE CAN COME TO CONTRIBUTE ABOUT THE PLUNGE!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Be sure to attend some of the Congo week events!

Meeting Minutes: Thursday, October 14th 2010

I. Solidarity in Food Workers
a. LUC Dining Services are struggling to get unions and we all need to sign this petition
b. Monday night meeting: we’ll try to bring a worker in to talk about this issue
II. DMP Update
a. Katie and Trish had a conference call to Grace (the mother of Carolyn) and then Patrick to talk about new goals/plans
b. The board met last night and we’ll call again on Sunday around 11 am—if you’re interested email Trish: EMAIL
c. Fees have been paid with a generous donation!!
III. LINK Screening
a. Wednesday November 9 
IV. Congo Week
a. AWESOME FLYER by Laura 
b. Still to do: Tabling and bake sale
c. EMAIL: if you are interested to either bake or sit at the table
d. Wednesday will be bake sale for sure and maybe other days
e. Wednesday night- we don’t have an event but we’re cosponsoring Taste of Africa and we’ll have a table there
i. 5-8 in CFSU
f. Email if you have any vigil material
V. CAN Meeting is next Wednesday
VI. Quesadilla Sale: Saturday 5-12 in CFSU
a. Come by to help out!!
a. You Tube IC Plunge to see what it is 
b. December 4!
VIII. Arts and Media
a. 7:30 Wednesday Rambler Room
b. Photoshop meeting will be coming up!
IX. Benefit Concert: Nov. 14
a. Young Man—check out their MySpace
b. Nick Miller’s band
c. Heartland Café

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pakistan Awareness Week!

Make an effort to attend an event for Pakistan Awareness Week

Free fundraising dinner on Thursday, October 7, at 7 p.m. in Mundelein Auditorium on the Lake Shore Campus. The event will feature Pakistani food, and there is no cost per plate. Featured speakers will include Loyola Professor Marcia Hermansen and Muneer Akhtar, the chair of the American Federation for Pakistan India, who will share updates and pictures of current conditions in Pakistan. Donations for relief efforts will be accepted and encouraged. Please RSVP to Rabia Khan at

On Wednesday, October 6, at 4 p.m., the University will host concurrent teach-ins at CFSU on the Lake Shore Campus and the Terry Student Center on the Water Tower Campus

Also check out the tables we're having in CFSU in conjuction with Student Environmental Alliance

Bake Sale October 5, 6-8:00pm!

Meeting Minutes: Thursday, October 5, 2010

Our next meeting is Thursday at 8pm in Dumbach 122

Here's an Invisible Conflicts Update:

IC Benefit Show: November 14, 2010 at Heartland Cafe

Arts and Media Workshop: Wednesday at 7:30- Mundelein 7th floor

Congo Week: October 17-24

Sunday Oct 17, 5-8:30pm Location TBD Celebration of Congolese Culture (Come enjoy Congolese food, dance, music and more)

Monday Oct 18, 7:30 pm Sullivan Center, Galvin Auditorium (we couldn't start at 7 because of an event before) Why you should care about the Congo? Because you what you don't know is hurting other people! Dr. Brian Endless

Tuesday Oct 19, 7:00 pm Dumbach Hall Room TBA Women in the Congo Discussion, How the war in eastern Congo is affecting women.

Wed Oct 20, ALL DAY Cell Out- check out for details of Cell Out

Wed Oct 20, 7pm Location TBA, Screening of Katanga Business ( Synopsis: After Mobutu, King of Zaire and Congo River, the Belgian director Thierry Michel pursues his exploration of Central Africa. His new documentary, entitled Katanga Business, is a kind of political economic thriller, which takes place in this south-eastern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the world’s richest regions in mining resources. While the inhabitants of Katanga continue to live in extreme poverty, multinationals are rivalled by China, newly arrived with its billions of dollars. Staged on economic war, Katanga Business is a tale of globalisation)

Thursday Oct 21, 7pm Location TBA, The role of the mining companies in the eastern Congo war and of Canada as haven of the world mining industry. (Alain Deneault is a philosopher and professor of sociology at the University of Quebec at Montreal. He is the author of several books including Noir Canada, which exposes widespread human rights abuses, economic crimes and political tentacles of private companies operating in Africa. Professor Deneault will focus his presentation on multinationals in the DRC. He will discuss how multinationals are guilty of corruption, institutionalized looting of mineral resources, and how they have exacerbated instability and armed conflicts for easy profits.)

Sunday Oct 23, 5pm Mass and Vigil (details still TBD)

Monday Night Meeting: The Democratic Republic of Congo at 9 Dumbach 122

LINK Screening: Liberation in North Korea

Delaney is chair of this, if interested in this email

Fundraising: Ideas: Carmen's Waitressing, Penny Wars in the Dorms, Bake Sales, Vintage poster raffles