Thursday, September 24, 2009


Welcome to the brand new, official Invisible Conflicts blog!

I hope that this blog will act as an outlet for communication between the IC exec board, IC members and those who are interested in learning more about Dwan Madiki, Invisible Conflicts' events and humanitarian issues both locally and around the world. Communication plays a huge role in the mission statement of Invisible Conflicts, and it is through communication and the building of relationships that we can bring awareness to conflicts around the world that would otherwise go on unnoticed.

This blog will be an informative source for all things IC - postings will include interesting articles about world events, IC news, minutes from our weekly meetings and any other updates or information for members needed in-between.

If you are a member of Invisible Conflicts, please be sure to check the blog often for information about events and any other internal information or last minute updates that might be announced. Also, be sure to make a Blogspot account so that you can participate in discussion and post your opinions and ideas on any of the articles posted. We want to hear from YOU!

If there is something particular you would like to have posted on the blog, don't hesitate to contact me! I'd love to post a wide variety of articles, so suggestions are encouraged.

Happy reading -

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